The cursor blinks.

The rose blooms sway their heavy heads.

The spot light is over me.

The eye of the storm approaching.

Do I shrink away, play small, hide my light, soften my voice?

Or do I step up, step out and speak out?

The crows, in their black, circle and jostle high in the silver birch

Brazen and loud, confident and raucous.

No space for self conscious, over-thinking.

They leave as suddenly as they arrive, on to the next thing.

The robin lands on the gate,

it’s red breast plain to see, to all but him.

Perching proudly, lightly, quietly, softly.

He flies off only to return to the same spot.

A life half as high, still valid, still visible, still lived,

Photo by Efdal YILDIZ on Pexels.com

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In these arms.


In these arms, I have fallen asleep more times than I can count

I have swooned and fallen in love,

I have nestled, snuggled, sighed;

In these arms I have brought life into the world,

I have writhed with the pain and despaired in the agony,

While you fanned me and offered me egg sandwiches;

I have celebrated the joy, and danced to the songs, swayed to the beat of our hearts;

In these arms I have watched the TV and shouted answers at university challenge,

I have made small talk with people I neither knew nor liked,

but in these arms was given the confidence to try;

In these arms, I have made my best decisions, and some of my worst,

I have said ‘yes’ and held out my hand,

I have said ‘no’ and you held back my hair.

In these arms I have marveled at our children,

watched the sun-set and stars come out,

Envied, wondered and doubted;

In these arms I have said ‘goodbye’, ‘I do’, and ‘hello’

to the greatest people in my life.

In these arms I have watched countless rugby games, football matches and bike races,

Music concerts, comedians and plays;

Tried a golf swing and tried again at tennis,

Played a thousand board games and read a million books;

We have laughed and whispered our secrets in the dark.

In these arms is safety,

In these arms is refuge,

In these arms is a Super Power.

In these arms is my best friend, my companion, my lover,

In these arms is my best self, the one who could take on the world.

In these arms is where the magic happens,

Sometimes long after the arms have gone.

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