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This crazy world we live in tells us all too often that our bodies and our lives should look another way. We should be slimmer, stronger, fitter, cleaner, greener, braver, softer – always something else to be, to do.

But what if you were meant to listen to your body rather than look at it?

What if your life was about how it felt and not about how it looked to the outside world?

What would you do then?


Sanskrit word meaning ‘acceptance’ or ‘contentment’

I’m Emma. I’m a 200 hour registered yoga teacher and Mum to three young children. So I know all about how busy life can get!

I am passionate about creating space for women on the the go to cultivate more balance and better well-being in their lives. I teach a style of yoga that focuses on empowerment and feeling into the body rather than getting hung up on how a pose looks.

So if you crave some peace, stillness, a stretch and inspiration then come along. You don’t need to be flexible or have any previous yoga experience to give it a go.